Monday, January 18, 2010

Weapons of Good Health

This morning marks the first morning of my gardening adventures. Ark Eden is run by Ms. Jenny Quinton, her two Philippino house servants, and Sharon, a beautiful Chinese girl, whom I’ve come to adore greatly through my stay. The outfit advocates P Coil, self sustainability, and permaculture; recycling, reusing, growing, and replacing resources in the land we live on, rather than ignorantly destroying them.
P Coil is a lifestyle manifested off the idea of what the world would be like without oil. They don’t drive cars, use plastics, water heaters, electrical appliances, or gas to survive. Although it sounds a little archaic, these hippies swear that they will be survivors of the inevitable Apocalypse when the world finally manages to deplete itself of resources. Jenny has some friends of this breed; luckily she only considers the life. She doesn’t overkill it.

Self sustainability is essentially two aspects 1) being productive 2) never visiting Walmart for stuff you think you need. The ideas work out very well when it comes to food, Great Value brand is pretty much poop anyways. Only… now, I feel compelled to share the only notable example in which I disagree... soo, instead of using laundry detergent, these people go pick the buds from the soap nut tree, dump them in the washer, and hang the clothes out to dry. No chemicals, no store, no machine. Unfortunately there are just some ways I’m not convinced. Although my jeans feel much crispier, I don’t know if I enjoy finding splinters in my ass from the soap pieces and nut shavings stuck in the fabric, as well as having to wait four days for my clothes to be dry. Just some things….

Permaculture is these two things combined… developing a community, environment, and pseudo-social structure intended to harmonize human beings with the earth.

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