Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Skyscrapers for Target Practice

evening of Jan 3rd, 2010

Aaron and I paraded around the city, running up and down the pier in misty weather. Most of the day was overcast and the sky began to come down into the night, but the immense lights from Hong Kong island still gleamed through the fog. We had a couple beers at a ritzy hotel on the water and decided to go downstairs into the mall to get french fries. At this point, I admitted to only eating Mcdonalds for breakfast and sushi for dinner for the last two nights because I didn't know how to approach the Chinese restaurants, Aaron agreed that Mcdonalds' Hong Kong shrimp burger was the best in the world, and there is absolutely no need for shame... after our snack, he walked me back as I vowed this to be my last night at the hostel and let Aaron know I would be knocking on his door tomorrow.


First sight was pure intrigue. I was standing at the crickety elevator in a line, stepping right up only to be squeezed in like herded sheep. I made sure to have my ipod engaged, one bud in each ear to dispose myself of awkward elevator silence. I kept my head down, bobbing to the Dodos, listening to an impending soundtrack for the next four hours to come. I look up just to readjust my hat and catch the eyes in a stare from across the room. Hence, my first encounter with a Chinese boy. But, here we go again, a gut wrenching feeling down in the pit that there was no escaping the reality that I would at least know his name, if not more. We boarded opposite elevators and got off on different floors, only to end up trailing off to the reception desk 20 minutes later, at the same time to pay for another night stay. How ironic it was inevitable that we would be spending the time together.
And the story goes as follows... introductions were made, beers were opened, and a flurry of bars ensued. Well, actually just one bar, but we walked and talked a good ways just to get to it. I learned he wouldn't be staying in Hong Kong for too long, and began to see this wonderful night as an apparition or merely a good omen to traveling success. I couldn't imagine finding such an immediate connection with someone so early in my trip...

We held hands most of the night. Hueng was his name. Instead of entertaining the thought of future meetings, I kissed him to remember him.
He was on a plane back to Beijing in the morning.

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