Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clay Pigeons

Jan 6th, 2010
(catching up in time measure, now consciously switching to the present.)

The country life. Ahimsa, non-violence. Absolute solitude. The house breathes, the wind hisses through the trees, and the ground bellows beneath with all the wonderful things that spring out from its soil. Now that I'm here, I feel very much a part of it. I'm not worried that the toilet is outside, or there is no water pressure, or that the doors to the house are made of iron and paper, or that my bed is made up of a sheet and a sleeping bag, or finally, that maybe the Chinese never really considered privacy when they built their villa homes, and I can hear Peter snoring and the sun blindingly wakes me up from my window in the mornings.
I invite it... all.


Regardless of my reserves, I am so excited to boil a pot of water over the wood burning oven in the outhouse for a cup of green tea. Peter tells me he is jet lagged and needs to sleep until at least 11am. This is fantastic news because I was hoping to go on a hiking exploration of the property anyways. I find a small path that leads me across the creek that runs parallel to the sidewalk and up to the other side of the valley. It takes me all the way and over the hill, perfectly positioned for a clear view of the entire Mau Wo bay. I walk back to the villa to find Peter wandering, yawning and waking.
Peter is a fragile man. Sensitive, loving, tall but frail, he has worked throughout the life with the very minimalistic and honest intentions. He is an interfaith minister, Australian civil diplomat, psychotherapist novice, permaculture supporter, vegan, gardener, father, son, website and print media manager, mystic, and a bicurious male who is also at the end of a hetero heartbreak resulting in his post mature reevaluation of sexual preference. He reassures me that there won't be any tension between us. Without knowing this already because of the pure fact the age difference between us is how long I've been on this earth... he mentions that I could also humorously consider the fact that he may no longer be into women at this point anymore... anyways. (face writhe, little smirk... ;?) SO. Aside from his obvious quirks, he is open minded and nuturing, allowing for a potentially wonderful co-existence to blossom between us the next few weeks.
I imagine we will both learn a lot from each other.

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