Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some Route

So the trip is as follows:
1.) Fly to Reno, NV by 1pm and picked up by Kim. We drive to the Black Rock Desert
2.) Stay and camp for Burning Man Festival 2010 for 10 days.
3.) Drive back with Kim to Mendocino County and stay for a couple days until San Francisco the weekend of the 12th of September
4.) Fly out San Francisco on September 13th to Honolulu and stay in a hostel. Tuesday morning, I travel toward Kauai.

No Backing Out

My mom sent me the daiy OM talking about listening to your inner self and making self relient decisions after I had just written "I'm just gonna do what I want to do. Now, what do I want to do..?" introspective piece in my journal the night before.
Sittin' here at Holly's computer the last few nights typing away is sour patch kids, both a sweet and sour combo as I'm watching the clock move closer to when the sun comes up knowing I got to be back to work in the morning. I'm slowly fading out, Tension tamer tea is starting to kick in. Good thing! because I would like to get some sleep.
Quickly jot down thoughts as they come:
I have to go to burning man,
I will provide a recollection of events from my 'sober' time spent
I won't overspend my money
I will fully engage in each moment of journey so I can have a clear conviction towards my experience
I am a experience seeker but I think I can settle down. It's hard for me to swallow how many people in Orlando are so pigeon holded into thinking I am missing out on preparation time and security. I'm thinkin now, not 8 days from me when I'm in the desert.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Observing Footprints

Each swerve and turn down this path is neither too sharp or too smooth. If I go continue veering left, I'll eventually be going right. I'f I reach the top, I must come down. There's a true balance of things and a way that opposites seem to naturally loop back to you in some form or shape, whether it's the peak or the valley, I haven't yet endured an illogical release of life's ups and downs. As a matter of fact, I would say even the most absurd moments find their reasoning down the road.
The questions and decisions I make right are only the beginning of a tremble of a wave. But even so that make take lifetimes to erupt. This is just a journey now. I have begun to look at my path as part of each step I've taken rather than the steps I have ahead. I'm not anxious and I'm not counting, I'm observing footprints.