Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Backing Out

My mom sent me the daiy OM talking about listening to your inner self and making self relient decisions after I had just written "I'm just gonna do what I want to do. Now, what do I want to do..?" introspective piece in my journal the night before.
Sittin' here at Holly's computer the last few nights typing away is sour patch kids, both a sweet and sour combo as I'm watching the clock move closer to when the sun comes up knowing I got to be back to work in the morning. I'm slowly fading out, Tension tamer tea is starting to kick in. Good thing! because I would like to get some sleep.
Quickly jot down thoughts as they come:
I have to go to burning man,
I will provide a recollection of events from my 'sober' time spent
I won't overspend my money
I will fully engage in each moment of journey so I can have a clear conviction towards my experience
I am a experience seeker but I think I can settle down. It's hard for me to swallow how many people in Orlando are so pigeon holded into thinking I am missing out on preparation time and security. I'm thinkin now, not 8 days from me when I'm in the desert.

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