Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jungle Boogie

My body has begun to simulate this eruption of new forces. As the Hawaiian volcano spew and moans only a few miles up the road, the union of her and I has caused me to have thicker blood and quieter lips. I can feel the hot Pele fire pumping through my veins as she is both enlightenment and turmoil, creating and destroying at the same time, beckoning young souls to take this journey as time with her and away from everyoone else.

Since I've left Florida, my whole reality has changed. My hair, my skin, my voice, my thoughts, my energy levels, and my lifestyle. I wake up every morning at 6am to sweep the grow room and clean the bathrooms. The solar powered generator doesn't come on until mid day when the sun is high in the sky and most of our work trade hours are complete. I spend my afternoon hours breaking open coconuts and processing the meat. I play in the garden and turn over rocky soil in hopes for vegetables. I stick out my thumb and hitchhike to the nearest beaches to hurl my board and my body into the surf and let the waves clamber me up against her rocky shores. This lifestyle has summoned me to pour it on and allow for everything inside me to bust at the seams. Up until this point I don't feel I've talked as much. My wide opened eyes has allowed me to absorb it, letting the lava flow right out of my onto something bigger.

The community I live in opens its doors to community permaculture and yoga classes. After 25 hours of hard work during the weekdays, our little hippie commune is treated to ecstatic dances and pot luck gatherings where people from all over Puna congregate in the living room I clean every day to take their shoes off and unleash their jungle dances. We exist 11 miles from the lava flow so whenever the moon is full and high, then the wildest animals come out. We howl and jump and swing and dance all through the night because this is how wild it gets. Without two pennies to rub together, the essence of the community exists in its expression. There is no reason to show up with a flashy pair of shoes, because the only way to dance on the jungle floors is without them.