Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Loading the Barrel


Well, I wish I was better at spitting out movie quotes or proverbs because that would make this introductory seem more cohesive, but rather I’m just going to tell it like it is.

So, pretend I insert clever line here…


The rest of this blog will come into itself, by itself.

Clever thought projections go as follows:

My life is interesting enough so I should start a blog! Hence the beginning of the start of my own self- glorification. The blog allures, it sucks in the most the tenacious thinkers with technological savvy fingers, 48 wpc flat, quick wit, and a thorn of will to re-route their natural expression. And they occasionally recreate themselves as cyber celebs amidst the reality TV and youtube stars, because by each purchased domain comes a new development of whorishly multi-talented masters of portrayal; bringing forth all citizens beyond the mere mastery of words. No longer is it about willing forth an idea or hobby, no longer is it secured by the small amount of information that is shared, No! It has morphed with poise and pressure to be an entire kingdom of self-projectory. The blogger is taking over so, goddamit I want to be one too, C’mon, this is the true testament of world damnation and a stretch of celebration to our ego. So I got my typing musket and word bombs strapped to my back, I’m diving in this blogging universe, only to test my literary survival. Weeeee!

Nonetheless, throughout my narcissism, I will try to reference a mere metaphor throughout my thoughts, just to keep the purpose steady.