Friday, June 21, 2013

Journey On

Well, that was a fun ride. 

3 weeks ago, I landed in Rough and Ready, CA, a few miles outside of Grass Valley, CA. I basked in effervescent sunshine and spent a week before Halloween, regaining perspective through the lens of an endearing town 'where the men are rough and the women are ready.'

By the sheer magic of two beloveds, Alyssa and Milton, On Halloween, I ended up in a mansion in one of the most breathtaking overlooks of the Sierra foothills, as I was summoned into a pile of squish and introduced to a whirling twirling dervish of amazing dancers, musicians, and healers all throughout the night.

I said hello to the sun that morning, watching it rise above the hills and move the blankets of fog off the plateaus so we could see the secretive, clear blue lake underneath. We spent the following day soaking and marinating on a trip to Harbin Hot springs, a magical place I've been dreaming of visiting since last year. Shortly after, the caravan cruised north to Audio Corroborree debut bash in Mendocino, and the next morning, I find myself yet again, driving to another breathtaking tucked away mountain gem down the dirt roads of California. I rolled up onto the rustic site as the property was covered in ancient trees and wildlife, while the night sky was lit by stardust. Three brave men stayed up there for the last 6 months rebuilding a mountain home from the ground up. My work was short and sweet, and the connection was deep, as I was grateful to witness such beautiful commitment and creation to the work of building art.

After that, I hitched to San Francisco and spent over 4 hours at the Dance Mission Theater, taking class through West African, reggaeton, and hiphop, ecstatically dancing up all the dreams that have come to reality thus far, and saw a dear, dear sister Andrea, that brought me to the airport in Oakland next morning.

My flight to Florida was quick, easy, and completely unexpected. I drove up to the Suwannee River music park, catching an epic weekend at Bear Creek music festival. Seeing ol friends, the roots, the funk, and the tribe was perfect in its moment. Kayla, my sister, my partner in crime…we rocked out our leather jackets, cruised on our bicycles, and brought a bit of the west coast vibe in the east coast tribe, loving all the music and grand efforts to bring that love to light in Northern Florida.

I’m at my mom’s house in Florida and I couldn’t be happier to take a day to take a breath. *Sigh* The more and more I reflect my travels, the more I realize a free bird but I’m also yearning to hunker down and build a nest. How spectacular it was to fly by night, on the whims of faith and freedom, and charge destiny with an open heart. I also recognize the fruits of labor, and sincerity in enduring beloved work. Tending the gardens, putting the roof on, making peace with the forest, and surviving the mountain lions and bears to be apart of the landscape, is a sign of always striving to build a new home for community and tribe, whether it is on a new piece of land, or in our hearts.

This journey isn’t over yet. I am only more inspired to return home and plant the seeds of the beauty that I have witnessed.