Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dear Sparky,

        This is to be read when you’re alone. This is when you are nestled in a place where everything melts away with each word written on this page. Light a candle. Take a breath. Settle in to a place that is attentive and true. The distractions of the day begin to soften. Its’ edges dissolve, where the heart reflects and the body’s mind and motions move to a steady hum. And this is the moment when the heart stops tugging and starts beating, pulsing. This is the reminder of that love is evident.
        It moves throughout every cell, and is strongly and firmly ingrained in the attraction. It is that alchemical dizziness that we feel when we touch each other, magnetizing a formula to fit together, even though our bodies already are puzzle pieces, finding their grooves.
        It is by the way your body feels. It is by the way the waves of bliss that sweep across your limbs. Compassionate tides rolling through with fervent winds because of the reflections of love being brought to the mind’s attention. Sometimes the quality of love is questionable, especially when I ask myself what’s best in this crazy, roller coaster-of-a-ride present moment. The up, downs, and all arounds of understanding what it means to see beauty in someone else, and not be attached to that, in respect of how they see themselves.
                 See yourself. Now, here, in this moment with the fire in your eyes. Take note of your own reflection. And, find me again when you do.


Friday, April 5, 2013


 Fewer words describe their soulful beauty
    And how he can maintain her innocence
        As the waterfall’s lustrous appeal
llluminates passion through unveiled skin.
   Gently, he opens her heart with serenity
    As he draws her  body close to his.
                With fingers interlaced
        There’s nothing more to witness,
                      but Love here.