Monday, January 18, 2010


January 18th, 2010

So, Jenny works as a teacher for young scholars all over Hong Kong, inviting school programs to spend a day at her home, they come to help her plant her garden beds, return the goods back to the Earth, and mindfully extract only what is essential to consume. This week she is hosting over 200 school children from all over the islands, teaching them to be a part of the food process, rather than just the consumer. She has allowed me to come and help with her camp in exchange for accommodation and meals, very much similar to Peter and my relationship, only this time I get a little more interaction with other walks of life, rather than sitting in from of a computer screen…I can actually practice what I’ve been preaching.
I admitted to never planting a garden myself, “Well, that’s what you’re here for!” was her reply and I spent the early hours of each morning taking a crash course on how to sow the seeds, for the afternoon would be the time I would turn around to teach it.

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