Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happiness is a Warm Gun

January 19th, 2010

Ninety 18 year old Chinese girls came today. It was a nice break from the 3-6 year olds that came the two days before. Well, I take that back, they were great children, but they were also energetic and indisposed. Particularly, when we started digging into the beds. The idea was to let them plant a couple of bok choy seeds, but the second I turned around I came back to find all of the kids were searching for something to put in their mouths. Half of the kids were digging for earth worms, trying to eat them, and the other half already gobbled their bok choy seedlings and had nothing to plant. (haha) Either way, I was excited for a more mature audience. The girls were a delight. They were so happy to get out of class and away from the books and were even more excited to hang out with me, a smiling, English-speaking peer from the United States. This, I loved.


Sharon invited me to meet the Mui Wo crew at a barbeque on the beach that night. The kids were so lighthearted and sweet. A blonde boy from UK, bearded kid from New Zealand, a British Japanese beauty named Iko, Lauren the absent minded but also very beautiful white girl, Corinna (Sharon’s tall and talented roommate), and her boyfriend, Alex. The beach had benches with pits in the middle, available for late night shenanigans of the fishing village to have a drink and light up. I only had one beer and had to get back to Jenny’s for some rest, but was happy to have a night out in town, a change from going to a bar all the way down in Hong Kong’s wooptie- doo drinking district.

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