Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bombs Away Yellow Submarine

Everyone is on their own trip. Nothing anyone does can be taken personally because they have their own two eyes and their own lens, some a little more dusty than others. Outlooks can often seem narrow, like a viewfinder in a camera, our scopes dialate according to the amount of light we let in.
I see my life as a series of incredible moments. My ego sticks to the idea of accounting for the experiences that set me apart from an ordinary life. This lifetime is not a competition. It is a declaration of freedom and feminity. I am a thread of the fabric woven to contribute to the quilt of humanity. I am a distinct length and color, width of yarn, vibrating at my own will. I realize that I am in it to hold us together, no matter how much I imagine the moments I feel as if I were to fray. When my brain capacity understands that we are all one, that I won't even need a brain anymore, only the natual function of the organ of the heat, because the ego will inevitably diminish in pure essence and that will be bombs away yellow submarine.

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