Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bird Pecking Shells

I know that every part of this experience is a reflective manifestation of every emotion that hasn’t been able to surface in my developing years. I feel fear and reverence with the planet, as she is heated and tumultuous by the mistreatment of her children. I empathize with the changes she is going through and her incongruences with the frequency of humanity’s transitions. It seems as if people are ready to step into their higher power, as demonstrated by the aina herself. But, we don’t understand what needs to be done to nurture her, as she exists within us.
The men and women on this island are strong and fast, as people around here tend to move with the ocean tides of their emotions, allowing Pele to govern their moods with the moon underlying its energy and tugging it down below the earth crust. Some successfully manage their lives in direct reflection of their surroundings. As the energies move through their bodies, they sense the strength in their standpoint, and continually realign themselves with the frequencies of the earth, manifesting symbiotic connections in themselves and others in which all the systems and emotions can operate in a harmonious way. Some resist the tides and hurl into the waves, unaware of their effect on symbiosis. They are limiting the possibility of expanding love and respect in their lives and are too distracted to listen to the ground shift beneath their feet. To honor the true nature that is within us as well as all around us is to first start with what is inside us. When we see that the ocean is a pure representation of the ebb and flow of our own experiences, then we accept when the wave knocks us down. We understand life’s challenges as a mode of strengthening and improvement, and we see the beautiful relationships in our lives as the foundations that keep us grounded and help us get back up.

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