Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Blanks

I spent the first week here partying. I landed with the intentions to immediately set up shop with the few hundred dollars I had left in my account. I wasn't sure how much money I had exactly, but I imagined it being way more because I knew the true amount wasn't nearly enough to cover me. I hopped off the plane with elation and anticipation regardless of preparation.
First destination was a small-time energy gathering called Mystic Island Festival to help me get acquainted with Maui. I woke up every morning for yoga and danced the day away at the Olawalu Beach camp with about 300 other freelovin' hippies, raw foodies, musicians, energy workers, and ambassadors of Maui's cool clan. We jumped up and down, and aumed, paddle boarded, drank akalized water, put on funny costumes, and went to bed early enough to catch the sunrise. By Saturday night, I felt extremely revitalized, energized, aroused, relaxed, and... restless! That night, I followed an instinct to manifest a different dance spot to bust this great energy out.I snuck away to a raver beach party at sunset and watched fire dancers blast flames across the gold and pink clouds setting at the horizon. The clouds parted, revealing the most enchanting mixture of colors across the sky, and I understood... Maui's inspiration comes from a sweet and natural high, encrusted deep into her earth. Just to participate as a woman on her shores is an honor. I realized at that moment that there is nothing other than love. And, in that is respect and consciousness. I respect the soft and sensual welcoming that Maui has sent, and I return with my stamp of love and gratitude for her.
Although I still found time to spend mornings and sunsets alone and meditatively, I was still whirled into the party scene. Viles of ecstacy honey and bottles of champagne covered the hotel room floor, as well as 4 pairs of panties, and 5 naked girls passed out around them. I wore pink lacey langerie and paraded down the hallways of the Westin, convincing myself that I was still on my spiritual journey, only I was expanding my confidence levels in erotic ways. After surrendering the fact that I shot 4 patrons, a glass of chardonnay and licked ecstacy honey off this girl's chest, I grabbed my backpack and headed for a job search.

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