Friday, March 25, 2011

Replacing Bullets with Rainbows

Maui swept me up in free love and rainbows immediately as I stepped off the plane. I walked to the baggage claim, and then right past it since a backpack was all I had. I parked on a bench to take a few deep yogi breaths and surrender my anxious spirit along with a strong spine and open eyes.
I exited my chariot out of the sky, recalling the slight bit of plane turbulence from thick clouds reluctant to travel but coaxed into movement by adventurous eastern winds heading west. I boarded the flight, traveling towards the setting sun, leaving my ego at the doorstep, and taking a leap across the eastern channel, separating Big Island and Maui, from one existence into completely redefining another.
Beyond the shuttles and terminals, the clouds patterned a blue and white checkerboard against the atmosphere’s open spaces. The glowing coast of Io Valley peaked high out of the sky standing her ground against the majesty of the sun. Its rays melted off the thick haze, making way for rain. Within minutes two rainbows appeared as a mist from a lonely cloud which showered the pavement right in front of me. No one else was looking up but that was probably because they had so much baggage to keep track of down below.
On the ground level, I heard faint chirps of birds in the background and gentle murmur of planes on the move. It was practically 6 months since I encountered families with luggage and loud voices. I had become more accustomed to the sound of frogs and raindrops than cars and people. Little bubbles of doubt smoldering in my gut, as I was trying to come up and predict what new beginnings Maui was going to bring forth. A deep breath is a sigh of certainty is my exhalation and reminder that the universe has put my wheels in motion and I better just honor the track. There’s no use in questioning what has already begun. I am living in a simultaneous existence with my future, and if the only visible signs before me are of smiling faces and rainbows, then there’s no use in dwelling.
I walked through the airport, leaving all my emotional baggage at the airport, and walking off into the shower with a backpack and a new perspective. I meandered slowly coming up with a loose plan. I called the only face I knew on Maui, and waited shortly after to board Robyn’s little V-bug alien space car as we zoomed away from the airport. My girl came prepared with a pre-rolled doobie as we blazed it out the cab until a soft haze distorted my view of past. The silhouette of Big Island remained on my left shoulder as we zipped around the Palis and switched back through the mountain gulches. I rolled the windows down and launched half my torso at the side of the car, so that I could fling my arms into the open future. I popped back into the cab. Robyn asked me what I really wanted to do while I was here.
I heard of the playful energy of Maui, and was convinced the island was already flirting with me. I hadn’t even stepped onto the sand yet and I was already tearing up and savoring moments. Girl, I sat on the bench and saw the most beautiful rainbows and mountains transform before my eyes, I hadn’t even left the airport yet! Big Island had a lot of rain, but not so many rainbows. I told her I was looking for a romantic getaway, and hit the joint with a hexing smile.

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