Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a Trip

He was shirtless with broad shoulders and sun bleached locks. At first sight, I didn’t look twice. I said hello politely, as he would often come into the market to buy a huge tub of yogurt and spirulina and continue on his way. One day I was stacking the dairy shelf proclaiming how I was disenchanted by the west side. Frankly, I gave up looking for any fun hikes, fun people, or fun places to explore. I was bored. So bored in fact, I started complaining to myself at work about it. Standing right behind me, I hear a voice extending his way of an invitation. If you’re into rock climbing, I got a hike for you. I got a little excited, and completely abandoned my vow to stay away from blonde surfer boys. We met each other and exchanged numbers. I didn’t remember until later that his name was Fred. My next immediate thought is how weird it would be to say “oh yes, Fred…” in bed.
That following afternoon, I met Fred at his apartment. Three minutes later, we dropped two hits of liquid LSD and drove up to tall cliffs to descend down from in a steep exploration unknown to us. This could be amazingly fun adventure or it could be a disaster between worlds if we don’t trip out on the same planes. I often find myself abstaining from taking acid. This time, I just said what the hell, this guy is just a little surfer boy, can’t see any harm in getting naked with him.
Intentions laid the groundwork for good vibes. The weather was incredibly permitting as it illuminated the electricity of every single flower and rock we climbed past. We smoked a bowl to ease the transition and rattled off as much as we could about ourselves before we were mute with satiety. We started driving up the Honoloa cliffs, and past old Hawaiian villages, stepping up in altitude and piling on sensory stimulation. By time we reached the trail head, I was already chewing on my lips. I tried to get as many words as I could in, before I was twisted with hallucinations and disbelief. My jaw dropped and drooled as we began our descent down to Chutes and Ladders’ hike, leading us to ropes to hang on to and repeal down cliffs into the ravenous ocean side. By the bottom of the bay, three brackish water pools rose and fell with the tides. The water was silk. We slivered in and splashed around with our eyes open. Every time I flipped around the water, electricity radiated my limbs. Every time I clambered over the lava rocks, I felt jolts of energy running up my spine. I was so thankful my companion was well behaved even though we were naked. We enjoyed each other bodies and experiences, relinquishing physical attraction to a spiritual dimension, leaving all that unknown intimacy to the ocean deep.

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