Saturday, February 6, 2010


So, I ended up telling Wei that I was sorry I was so irritable because it was my time of the month… not exactly the truth I was going for, but I covered all basis of my worry. Despite my hopes to open all channels of communication, sending the man into a whirlwind of my woman psyche, I used the oldest trick in the book. Now, even though it ‘s harder to act pissy than it is to act sweet, I’ve at least bought myself a free pass to the many eye rolls I can’t seem to control. Also, no sex, and no questions. I imagine karma will bite me in the ass next month for telling a lie about menstruation, but, it’s the best I could think of without making it so uncomfortable for the both of us.

Editor’s Note: This entry is incriminating. I apologize on behalf of most women that have found themselves in this situation, using these excuses.

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