Friday, January 1, 2016



As a 'yoga instructor,' I bring myself into a room full of unique bodies within a space designated for practice, to integrate tools of accessing the internal environment with what I perceive in our external environment, to be reflective, magnetic, recharged, balanced.
<; font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; margin-bottom: 6px; margin-top: 6px;"> Yogis acknowledge senses and invite space and sensitivity,
Breath into each moment of progress
Recognize and release expectations or fears or limitations,
Participate with an open heart to whatever changes may arise,
Spend moments alone as well as with each other,
Witness personal transformations that occur when immersed in a place of spiritual focus and flexibility.

I enjoy my position as a yoga teacher, not because I think I am good at yoga, or that I can show people how it's done or that I have it all figured out... Rather, I've accepted my gifts of perception and voice.
I see a tribe, coming together to mentor each other through a program of shredding inhibitions and layers in which we guard ourselves. We become completely open to spirit so that paradise between souls can seep in deep into our veins to unveil our highest potential. Our environment is a mere reflection of the way we feel inside. I open my voice sorrow and fear of age, death, and survival. That in my space is a welcome place to voice recognitions, respects, gratitudes. The practice of yoga can help focus our mind less on fear and more on listening.
In my service to myself and others, I pursue the exploration of liberation through the senses. It is my belief that the body cannot accept healing without a movement practice.
Move energy. Get unstuck. Listen. Breathe. Fill up. Let go. Sing out. Repeat.
As a leader, my goal is to encourage my students. Every morning, I set intentions for this truth in practice to develop.

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