Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shedding Leaves

Connections from a physical cauldron of spiraling energy,
swirling guarded emotions out of deep beauty.
 Sacral space that is often locked with a skeleton key.
Your touch intoxicates me, the closer my dreams
 manifest in your reality.

I look into your eyes and see
the wishes of my mother,
and what my father hoped to be.
 This woman's body invokes the divine.
 You are my king.

A fairy tale moment that spins magic into space,
rewriting the story for romance and lust.
This match made in heaven
merely devotes me.

I lose my balance one foot after another, on my path
when I glanced up and saw you there.
The resonance of spirits beckoning truth.
For each of the lovers' third eye to see.

With sheltered blossom I've protected for so long,
standing by you gives me confidence
to shed these leaves.

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