Friday, February 8, 2013


 I strive to be her. I manifest my role as her with a mantra every morning, reclaiming truth, spirituality, and feminity with my words and my breath. I remind myself what it means to be a strong and sensitive female on this planet. I refuse to denounce the goddess within me as just a fleeting dream of my brainspace. Even though she seems unattainable, she symbolizes perfection even amidst the provocations of earnesty, humility, arrogance, and ego. She will always be within to nuture whatever is uncertain.

To unfold the secrets of balance and grace, I must unveil the wombs and whims of the goddess, both in strength and insecurity. I must show beauty through elegance and strength by intuitive courage that can only be unlocked when I chose to free myself in that moment. Breathe deep and transpire the energy into moments of presence, and witness the blooming novice opening into a lotus of the divine.

All of these qualities strengthened through the feminine by the grace and conditions of nuturement are manifested through the lens of their own perceptions. Women cannot be told they are powerful, they can only feel it. A goddess pays attention to all the changes in her body, respects her movement by dancing with others, spends time each day with herself, by herself, engages her muscles and breathing to reconnect with the mechanics of her temple. She honors whats passes through her and beyond her, and always takes care of her environment within herself as well as around herself. She is open to receive love and assistance from others and is certain of her decisions that come from her heart. She is patient for the frequency and invocation of beauty into life. She finds her duty to unlock love inside others when she is able to fully love herself.

I've been holding off for the right moment to write about my time spent with Becky Harmonm and I feel this piece will be timeless and everchanging beyond what is expressed on this page. These words commence my admiration of her beauty and strength, the goddess that appeared to me in my deepest valley of darkness when a time dawned upon me that I felt my own feminity had been lost. Not even the brightest star in the sky could lead me to the light, as it seemed my perceptions drowned me in a fear that I was forever tainted by a fateful experience that left my courage and will shocked and shattered. My body felt frail and unwelcome as the folds of my flesh were weakened by an infection that dampened my light with fear. The sun climbed above the clouds each day and I felt as if my soul would not awaken to the morning's possibilities.

She rose with the sun and moved with passion from the earth to meet its' highest place in the clouds. She inspired grace and beauty, poise and strength, in every moment. Her body reflected her incredible strength as she charged physical challenges without the slightest bit of doubt. Her belief in her ability was unfettered, even if she took a few extra moments to catch her breath. Her bright blue eyes looked deep within mine, with the same depths as the love in her heart. She reflected the sexy and unfaltering goddess to reclaim her throne in my perceptions. Her ambitions reflected my own, as I mourned the loss of my own strength, and buried its resurrection deep within my self-pity, Becky refused to acknowledge defeat. She swept me up, called my inner goddess to arms, and rekindled the flame of life and love that I was so dearly missing. Much of my recollections of what it truly means to live in goddess form is attributed to her. She is my heart, my soul, my light, my sister.

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