Friday, March 30, 2012

Try to fake it and get booted

In the past few years, I have visited a lot of places. I fully submerged into the alignment of that place.            

             I went to Hong Kong, and lights were always on. People were walking, talking, chatting, eating... all the time. Trendsetting revealed itself through new architecture, new clothes, new buildings, new trinkets, new everything. Skyscrapers truly defined the word skyscrapers. Street fairs and markets blasted the streets with characters and imaginations of the real 'Chinatown' became truth. Even with all the emphasis on being new and different, the culture homogenized through the adverse complexities of itself, by itself. Hong Kong's adaptations of the elite, advanced, and reprogrammed society of China circumnavigated its dreams of being 'individualized' back to operating in its archetypal ways.  I arrived with my eyes set high and dreams on the horizon, then soon quickly realized how my dreams have already been categorized. I just had to go to the Chun King Mansions building #7, floor 52, and find God in his office with a Macbook log database filing my hopes into a Chinese marketing firm. Not to say that people weren't living their dreams in Hong Kong, but it seemed that every friend, neighbor, foe already knows, everything. The only Chinese that are good at keeping secrets are the poltitians leading the country. After living there for one month, my body and my perspective assimilated. Participation is key in an environment where humanity is dependent on rhythm and connection. I recall seeing the traffic lights move like synaptic connections. A steady vein of lights and chatter polluted the air and streets. Although I loved the new movement that I was experiencing, I realized my body and perception swelled with the onslaught of such trends all around me.

When I moved to Hawaii, I talked 'story' and reinvented myself with every new place and face that I saw there, a complete reflection of me, myself, and I. I seemed to open my eyes and my heart more and more everyday to the tales of the islands. The native words, plants, and people generated a rich nectar inside me that I cultivated and buzzed about. I noticed my skin, my hair, my shape, my perspective in alignment with what was light and bright and colorful all around me. I felt like a true goddess, alighned with the abundance of the earth for the first time, first hand. I continually asked questions about how to continue to grow and change there, manifested quickly but also waited for changes patiently as I found myself often, pacing, waiting, and listening silently to the murmur of the sea. With a place so vibrant and indulgent, the history of how/why a person may end up there for an extended period in mind is the true gold of their experience. To witness the island so intimately, and to learn of the origination of such beauty is a blessing. It also made me contemplate the alchemical nature of the island. What parts of our past has put on their on such a small piece of land for that synchronistic amount of time? Why did we meet in such a place where our hearts continually pull in directions of the moon and sea? My life slowed down as I was becoming more of a witness, than a participant or a leader. Another pace of life that I was so grateful to understand, but in a way I also knew, deep down, that it wasn't the correct rhythm for me.

My sights and travels brought me to Portland, a complete antithesis of both Hong Kong and Hawaii. If there were two opposite spectrum ends, than Hong Kong would sit at the pot of gold and Hawaii would be the end of the rainbow. Portland, to me, is the tricky little leprechaun that makes all the magic happen. "Why the hell would you leave Maui for here!?" is usually the next immediate question I'm asked after, "So, where ya from?"

There are many reasons to leave and not to leave any place. I gauge it by how my body is changing and how my energy feels adapting. I don't think it's coincidental if I get nose bleeds or I'm sick all the time in a certain place. I conclude that place is not for me. Portland has allowed me to slim down and rev up. I'm tickled by the sights, sounds, and routes to take around this town. Everyday is a beautiful representation of the beautiful details I've see in life. In this town, I'm not the only one that sees it. There may be a certain groove or grain that is helpful to follow, but the more a person wants to carve their own path, the more adept to the city of Portland they become. How beautiful. This area is encouraging to be bold, to dare, to change. It is accepting of the essence of things. Well actually, when you try to fake it is when you get booted.

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  1. Portland is a strange city, almost like everyone is on the same wilted, yellow page in a book the rest of the country has left under an uneven table leg.