Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guerilla Work Fare

I am licking mullein extract off my lips to shield my lungs of a massive influx of dust and marijuana that has taken over. Drink tea, netti pot, trim,, sneeze, drink some more tea, trim, trim, trim, smoke weed… so much weed. In my nostrils, in my lungs, in my head. Alas, I surrender, as the layers of the Madrone tree, laying down the earth and invoking the mountain spirit in. Just shed the layers. I noticed the frame created by the trees when I was sitting and working one day, I watched the leaves change color and fall to the earth completely reinstating my faith for being there. It’s funny how I came back to California, and ended up in a dusty situation once again, same time from last year.
I’m back in a similar place where my throat has closed up and the dust has taken a toll on me once again. I am taking long strides in the forest to shield myself from the Humboldt Hills’ mundane work day. In the morning’s early light, I take reprieve from the congregation of ganja trimmers and smokers’ overindulgences, just enough so that I can be certain. But even though I’m aware, the trimmers awake, and blaze blows and coffee until the sun is high in the sky and I just continue smoking copious amounts of weed to keep up with them. So many toilet paper roll sized joints passing through our fingers, no wonder why I’m yearning to find something to overcome the onslaught of mucus and spacey thoughts erupting in my head.
My hands are puffy and swollen with the cold mountain air. Tecate’ and jabs at the corn cob pipe filled with fresh buds comprised our daily breakfast. I sit forlorn to the beauty from beyond my ganja work station. I desire to experience the desert and the sea of California in yet again a more hands on way, rather than viewing it through this rose colored lens of heart-shaped window. My sights are like daydreams, as I must stick to the task at hand. I accept this opportunity I’ve been given even though I am imagining myself in another place. My work is to take care of myself right now. My art is to sculpt my mind, my body, and these precious little nuggets, into a beautiful and tight package for the world to openly accept. The money maker part of it relies on me doing it as fast as I can.

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