Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pour it Out and Pour it On

It's been a while again, but journaling can't be forced. These experiences are sometimes overwhelming and soggy, just seeping in, and layering on heavy. My body feels a little puffy, it's absorbing new temperatures, foods, minerals, and schedules. My mind feels dense, packing all the files in, socking them away for reminiscence, recollection, remedial moments, and story time.
My senses are in a slight remission today. I had a runny nose and felt like getting stoned upon arise, as if my body told my sensory adaptors to take a break this morning to allow my words to ignite. Wake up with a cup of coffee. Rearrange some of the immediacies of the mind. And call all your hands upon deck to throw my filing cabinet overboard.

I have a fear that some of the thoughts that I should have taken the time to sift through and write down may have been lost forever. It's been three weeks since I have been uploading, and I haven't even had the time to finish downloading yet.
Lately, I've been pouring it out and pouring it on my inhibitions rest off into the shadows and letting my sweet inquisition flood out, thick like molasses. Burning Man comes in, and then goes out as quickly as that. Images just post up behind my eyelids and then disappear as soon as I reoccupy myself with another... Maybe one day those memories will resurface on an acid trip. Oh man, that's going to be one hell of a ride, if that's my fate towards this entry. "...lost those memories to the fumes behind the airplane as I traveled from one groping universe to the island of the free, " then, I jump across the universe to the day I swam with hundreds of dolphins, and then the other evening when I smoked copious amounts of marijuana and restructured a compost toilet in the middle of a sopping wet and dark jungle. ...just to take a poop. How many times a day I remind myself... how grateful I am to be down.

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