Monday, September 20, 2010

Staggering Targets

Monday night
Kim and I triumphantly polish off a quarter of vodka knowing that we are pussy light weight drinkers, and proceed to the show completely hammered. I get on the bike and am unable to stay on it for more than 15 yards before falling off to the right side, busting my knee in the same time every time. At close to the end of the night, I realize my body is not fit for sunrise shows. But, I’m okay with that. So, I tell Kim I’m gonna go back to camp and she says to me, you’re not gonna make it, Erica. ....She tells me directions and a head lamp and I ride away. I fall off the bike at least 4 times that I can remember. I got so irritated, I started to walk, toting around the bike, realizing that my hopeful intentions can only take me so far when I'm drunk and lost in the dark. I wander and wander some more... just stepping one drunken foot in front of the other as best I can not to fall over and bust the other knee.

Tuesday morning.....
I wake up in another person’s tent and I’m looking over at him, then laying my head back down and closing my eyes hoping I can remember absolutely everything that happened up until this point. I stared at the ceiling of the tent for a little while, rearranging my memories from the night, piecing together how I got here. I don’t know this boy’s name but I know my lips were extremely raw and I was ravenously thirsty. 2 and a half minutes later, his eyes open. "Hello, crazy girl." and deductively I discovered we made out and nothing more, covered the basis of conversation and got to 'know eachother', until giving up on finding my camp and passing out next to each other after a long and unsuccessful search.
His name is Jesse Cochran from the infamous Humbolt County, California. Ironically he is NOT all of the following: a hippie, a pothead, interested in the rave scene, interested in weird homosexual workshops. He DOES, however, enjoy bloody mary's in the morning, drinking whiskey to a stupor, listening to punk rock, and apparently rescuing drunk chicks from walking themselves around into dark oblivion. He has seriously bad tattoos, a labret piercing, and the sexiest smile I've ever seen. If we spend this morning together, I think I will be hanging with him for an significant part of this event.

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