Thursday, October 6, 2016

No shoes. No worries!

 This impeccable time of my life, so carefree! When I was living in Hawaii, hitchhiking around, traveling to the west coast and back again. I love seeing the seasoned transitions of my life, all the faceted ways to grow and expand. And deeply knowing that every single step was part of it.

Spending my early 20's worktrading yoga classes, housekeeping, babysitting you name it for food and shelter. I was living out of jungle huts, riding in cars with boys, jumping on sailboats and planes and trains to wherever. It was the pinnacle adventures of my life...

It is my belief that a "gap year" is so incredibly important to the transition of youth into adulthood. I always tell friends, if you have NEVER taken a trip for your spirit, and an opportunity arises, DO IT! Is my advice. If you travel all the time, go go going wherever without direction anymore, well then maybe think about starting to ground down.
It's the ebb and flow, the rightful response, a balance in action to life.

The pivotal moment for me was when I set foot in Portland with a backpack, $200, and an open heart! I looked upon these creative inspirers who looked back upon me, and I realized it was time to create something, to hone it. And now 5 years later, here I am. A different kind of journey... The one where you rediscover the treasures right in your own backyard.



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