Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The smallest seed can create the biggest ripple

It's been years since I've contributed works to this blog, and I'm happy to have returned. We can all agree so much has happened over the last 5 years, in our global experience as well as our personal experiences. The rollercoaster ride of life never ceases to amaze me, and keeps me on the edge of my seat, watching the whirling images from my past catching up to the hopes and dreams of my future. It all comes spiraling down in one moment of truth. That I have fallen to being pregnant, not by my choice, or intentional planning, but to the intervention of divine force that has created a situation to which I must step up to something greater than myself. I can admit that throughout my life, I've had the privilege to yield experiences for growth and learning. However, one thing always remained constant, freedom. Many times when humans breakthrough their shadow sides, it is because they are forced to face themselves in a situation that doesn't bend, break, or yield to their selfish desires. Difficult and mucky times can often spawn the greatest truths of perseverance and show us our own shortcomings to which we make a decision to push through and succeed. Looking back on my life, I manifested many situations to continue to teach me, and align me with behavior that I hold up to be righteous and intentional. However, even in those moments, I have also padded myself with freedom. Freedom to explore into or beyond the struggles was my way to get through some things I didn't want to face. I am a magical manifestor, therefore, when I was in a situation I didn't like, I could easily change my experience and create a different one. Not all humans have that luxury. However, I am looking at my luxury as a crutch as well. Have I fortified my backbone to accept the truth? Or, have I created a life to which is constantly reshaping itself around what I desire? Now, with this baby coming, my heart and soul is telling me it is time. There is no running. There is no shaping. There is only freedom of love and joy developing through this bond of me and little one. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

No shoes. No worries!

 This impeccable time of my life, so carefree! When I was living in Hawaii, hitchhiking around, traveling to the west coast and back again. I love seeing the seasoned transitions of my life, all the faceted ways to grow and expand. And deeply knowing that every single step was part of it.

Spending my early 20's worktrading yoga classes, housekeeping, babysitting you name it for food and shelter. I was living out of jungle huts, riding in cars with boys, jumping on sailboats and planes and trains to wherever. It was the pinnacle adventures of my life...

It is my belief that a "gap year" is so incredibly important to the transition of youth into adulthood. I always tell friends, if you have NEVER taken a trip for your spirit, and an opportunity arises, DO IT! Is my advice. If you travel all the time, go go going wherever without direction anymore, well then maybe think about starting to ground down.
It's the ebb and flow, the rightful response, a balance in action to life.

The pivotal moment for me was when I set foot in Portland with a backpack, $200, and an open heart! I looked upon these creative inspirers who looked back upon me, and I realized it was time to create something, to hone it. And now 5 years later, here I am. A different kind of journey... The one where you rediscover the treasures right in your own backyard.

This is to be read when you’re alone.

This is when you are nestled in a place where everything melts away with each word written on this page. Light a candle. Take a breath. Settle in to a place that is attentive and true. The distractions of the day begin to soften. Its’ edges dissolve, where the heart reflects and the body’s mind and motions move to a steady hum. And this is the moment when the heart stops tugging and starts beating, pulsing. This is the reminder of that love is evident.

It moves throughout every cell, and is strongly and firmly ingrained in the attraction. It is that alchemical dizziness that we feel when we touch each other, magnetizing a formula to fit together, even though our bodies already are puzzle pieces, finding their grooves.

It is by the way your body feels. It is by the way the waves of bliss that sweep across your limbs. Compassionate tides rolling through with fervent winds because of the reflections of love being brought to the mind’s attention. Sometimes the quality of love is questionable, especially when I ask myself what’s best in this crazy, roller coaster-of-a-ride present moment. The up, downs, and all arounds of understanding what it means to see beauty in someone else, and not be attached to that, in respect of how they see themselves.

See yourself. Now, here, in this moment with the fire in your eyes. Take note of your own reflection. And, find me again when you do.

Kingdom of Your Own

inspirations to new song lyrics... 

So, grab a hold
Onto what it is and believe it will be
Grab a hold and find the pressure,
take the leap and let go.
'Cause it can only be you
To set these words on fire
Wrapped pages, building bridges higher
It can only be you, my love.
You're getting fickle on a million flavors
To which none of them you liked at all
Follow the leader for a good behavior
And build a kingdom that you call your own.
Say goodbye and walk away with wisdom,
Holding on what truly matters
Call upon the cracks below.
The kingdom may fall.
So, grab a hold.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Conversations between lovers

True account of messages to one another spanning over the last 9 months. A saga of the relationship revealing truths about sacrifice and autonomy and codependency. 

My most recent message, September 13th, 2016:
Hardest part of the trail coming up, huh? You'll fly over those mountains, spaceman. Collecting all the treasured moments into these fateful last miles. To seal your revelations of life and love, all from your first amazing journey. Sure to not be the last. 


Spaceman:  It comes to me now that my love for you has never faltered, never wavered. In my state of depression in my ability to share that love, to express that love, to give of myself I was swallowed in shadow. And I did not put up the fight a deserving man should. I reflect on this, and it makes me sad, and yet this is the very thing that brought me here. Shall I then rejoice for the sorrow? Much has been lost, but there are mountains to be gained.

MeI let you go when you asked me to.

I'm grieving the loss, and moving away from any hopes. 
You hurt me more than I thought you could,
 First by your words, 
And then by your actions, 
even with water running down your face not single breath of love left your lips...
After I left your house, you laid where I once laid, with my tears still wet upon the sheets,  and when you laid down in that bed and found sweet slumber, you abandoned all promises you ever made to me.  And I'm still holding on. You left.

Spaceman:  And, you showed me a love that was quite different from what I imagined. You refused my complacency and demanded more of me, but never beyond my capacity. I fell in love with an extrovert and an only child, with very high standards, a queen on her throne who said "make me love you back' though her heart was already mine.  
You fell in love with an introvert, from a tight knit family prone to bouts of melancholy and blueness, a skeptic, who mistrusts even his own emotions. You fell for a man who had more to prove to himself than he felt he needed to prove to you, the kind of chap whose greater ambitions include living alone in the wilderness for six months, a stubborn prince of fortune who said, "I will love you my own way, and that will be enough." 

Me: What am I still holding on to? You left. And how do I wake up every day knowing I am still in love with a man who left and went 2000 miles away? A man's who face I haven't seen in 8 months. Granted, I encouraged you. One of my greatest downfalls is I refuse to ask for help. I thought of how free you would be. I let you go.

Spaceman: What are you holding on to? The chaos of colliding galaxies illuminates the abyss, and those who look up are lost in the wonderment and awe. I hold to the truths that cannot be unmade. I love you as I never loved another. The trail is a teacher: I struggle to find words to describe this education but I shall try to say this, 

whenever I have made a plan or tried to force an occurrence, the plan has failed and I have gotten lost. When I release my expectations, and ask for what I desire, I am given what I need which is rarely what i think and always better. 
8 months ago, and a whole new world lies before me, my needs are so few so opportunity bounds. 
Instead of what are you holding onto? ask yourself, why will i not let go" the greater truth is in the latter, and the answer is hidden in between, tomorrow is exciting, but there's long and lonely miles yet to walk. Our cosmic dance is not yet complete. 

What is it like to love someone 2000 miles away whose face you haven't seen in 8 months? It's like two galaxies colliding together with the exchanging of stars violent and beautiful. They swirl about each other, both unable to resist the gravity that continues to pull them together, through the sheer magnitude of their own egos and doubts that are trying to tear them apart. 

I find a hope within me, like a flickering candle int he distance, that one day I might share with you my findings, having opened the lock of my fear and set to exploring the mysteries deep within. You are climbing your mountains and I am proud of you. Our paths have split, and we'll both be made better and stronger for it. Yet in the waning hours, as the owls raise their voices to call the moon from its hiding place, I watch the nocturnal shadows begin to crawl and hope against hope hat I am being forged into the fires of the soul, to one day return to your hand. I wish you peace and love and joy, always.

Me:  I am raw and open, laying here awake after a weekend-long, native tribal ceremony, where I allowed plant spirits to take over my body and my mind. 

On the second and most intense night, visions of you came to me.
No one else came in the visions, no other people in my life, just you.I don't have any conclusions at this moment only that you appeared to me because you're still a huge part of how I make decisions. That you're still a huge part in me.

Spaceman: You. you're beautiful. I still remember your body like a holy vision, and still my wildest imaginings can't do it justice, but its your morning face that haunts my dreams, branded in my mind, that glow in your droopy waking eyes, your skin soft and supple, the smell of the nights love tangled in your hair, and lips, lips full and red that bed to be kissed, to wake you from your slumber, and wake me from my sorrow. this picture brings it all back, mostly, that feeling of waking everyday to a face that I want to wake to everyday. This breaks me all over again. 

Be careful with me. My heart is tender and lonely, and I miss you deeply. I learned to forget these last couple weeks. and now I must learn again. But I still, thank you for this treasure you have given me, though I buy it with pain. It's as true now as it ever was, I love you.

Me: Our first date at Opal Creek was so natural. I felt as if the world ended outside of us but I was with you, I know you and I would survive and we could make each other happy for the rest of our lives. 

Spaceman: Often did I think that we would spend the rest of our days together. But, at that time, I wasn't ready. I had much to prove to myself, before I could be sure I was giving you the man I wasn't you to love, this still is my quest. You got me to take this trail, you have kept me going on this trail. Still, you are making me a better person. That's how I know. 

Me: Come back to me. I don't expect that to look like any certain way.  I just hope that someday, I see you again. So I can wrap my arms around you and feel the rough truth on your skin and muscles from the trail, sun on your face, look you in the eyes and deeply thank you for how you are a strong man in deciding to conquer yourself through experience. I want to release you from any expectations I've created in the past, and meet you in a new way.

Spaceman: My thirst for adventure grows with every step, and when finally, I have climbed this trails final maintain, my journey will have just begun. Still I hope that on my next adventure, I will have you walking by my side helping to make me better some more.  
As we may see each other again as the strong man and strong woman we both desire to be.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Fire Monkey 2016

Those of you who know me personally know I am going through an incredible transformation in my life. The last 8 months, I opened my own business, moved in with my partner of 2 years, got an apartment in NW Portland.

Now, mostly of all that has changed.

I've put all of my energy, savings, blood, sweat, passion, and tears into opening a studio in Portland in August 2015. The studio abruptly closed two days ago due the landlord raising the rent and a new yoga company coming inthat can pay more.

My partner and I decided that we could come together to make it through the birth of this new career "baby", turns out he is at the brink of his own spiritual growth that must be independently explored. With the news of the studio closing, I also realized that this is the time he has to move out and find himself. As I watch him pack up his things in the apartment, I am overfilled with intense sorrow and solid duty to the journey of the human soul. I love him with everything I know, which is why I have to let him go.

I reflect on my intentions to 'set roots' in Portland, a town that has invited me so graciously into this beautiful community back in 2012. The decision to run my own company full tilt, and to be a loving partner has revealed incredible truths about my capacity for commitment, my capacity for love, my honesty in business, and my choices to continue moving forward. I have found that being a studio owner is a labor of love as I am the soul to bear the relationships that walk in the door. I have found that being a true girlfriend means to surrender, to know deep down love prevails, even when it is hard to cut the chords and see clearly the need for each other to be independent... and grow.

I share this with you as the year changes into 2016. As my eyes are wet with uncertainty, and my heart is confused with past and present moments, both grieving and shaping. I share this with to remind us all that growing can be painful. And this is the time. To remember that we are loved, holding space and a smile for the future to come



As a 'yoga instructor,' I bring myself into a room full of unique bodies within a space designated for practice, to integrate tools of accessing the internal environment with what I perceive in our external environment, to be reflective, magnetic, recharged, balanced.
<; font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; margin-bottom: 6px; margin-top: 6px;"> Yogis acknowledge senses and invite space and sensitivity,
Breath into each moment of progress
Recognize and release expectations or fears or limitations,
Participate with an open heart to whatever changes may arise,
Spend moments alone as well as with each other,
Witness personal transformations that occur when immersed in a place of spiritual focus and flexibility.

I enjoy my position as a yoga teacher, not because I think I am good at yoga, or that I can show people how it's done or that I have it all figured out... Rather, I've accepted my gifts of perception and voice.
I see a tribe, coming together to mentor each other through a program of shredding inhibitions and layers in which we guard ourselves. We become completely open to spirit so that paradise between souls can seep in deep into our veins to unveil our highest potential. Our environment is a mere reflection of the way we feel inside. I open my voice sorrow and fear of age, death, and survival. That in my space is a welcome place to voice recognitions, respects, gratitudes. The practice of yoga can help focus our mind less on fear and more on listening.
In my service to myself and others, I pursue the exploration of liberation through the senses. It is my belief that the body cannot accept healing without a movement practice.
Move energy. Get unstuck. Listen. Breathe. Fill up. Let go. Sing out. Repeat.
As a leader, my goal is to encourage my students. Every morning, I set intentions for this truth in practice to develop.